My journey in exploring photography began in September 2008. After months of research, spending countless hours to read reviews, specifications, and websites, I finally clicked the "Checkout" button to purchase my first DSLR. 

In the past four years, I have photographed anything and everything that interests me. Recently, I experimented with shooting people's interest/hobby. Whether if it's an event, an object (mostly cars right now), or a person, it is very satisfying to capture the one's passion towards the subject. What's more satisfying is showing that person the picture, and then he/she immediately wants that picture to post on facebook, keep it on the phone to show friends, telling everybody he/she knows about how cool it was.

This is my goal in 2013, to shoot someone's passion which enables them to share their passion.

If you like my work or if you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Your likes and comments will help me become a better photographer.