Eloise Birthday

Thank you Bryan and Kathy for inviting me to their daughter, Eloise's, first birthday. I have selected and edited a few photos, click here to see the gallery. I also have some the rest here also includes family/friends. Brian, you will receive a link to download raw files for your own edit.

It was great to see every parent has a trick to get their baby to smile (mostly just dad tossing the baby, I mean lifting). Because of Bryan's quick thinking, I've got a great family shot.

Happy baby after a quick toss

Group photo? Run! 

Then there's also the fail attempt to get a baby group photo. All babies respond differently to same command. Some can walk, some can craw, but none of them wants to stay if they can move. Having all parents holding up their baby also doesn't really make a fun/good picture. I personally like this chaos shot better with a mother pulling back her baby in the middle.  

Finally, I have confirmed that Natalie is a natural model. Camera friendly, easy to make smile, looks into the camera and always put up a photo ready face. I can't stop taking photos of her.  

She knows when she smiles, someone will take a picture.