Laguna Seca Photos

Finally finished going through 4000+ photos!  

I've found several new angles on the track that has good compositions. Need more track time to master those shots! 

I realize something after this shoot, will post more thoughts tomorrow...Need rest, 12:30...

9/20 Update:
Walking around the track twice on foot, carrying backpack full of gears, surprisingly I didn't feel tire during the shoot. It was my first time getting inside the boxes to have a real good shot at the track. Aside from feeling awesome, I also felt under pressure because I really wanted to be creative and make good photos to earn my next event entry. I really like to do this again and keep going until I have the absolute perfect shot for every turn of the track!

Photography notes:

Turn 1

  • Best time to shoot is morning when sun is still covered by fog.
  • Need to shoot at least 1/500 sec if car is passing by on the outside. 
  • Shoot 1/800 or 1/1000 or even faster if car is passing on the inside. I've noticed some of the cars are blurry because they are really close to the gate when they pass the photo box. 

Turn 2

  • after car exit turn two, portrait orientation works well with track lines leading in the back. Should try again and work on composition again.

Turn 5

  • Best time to shoot is after 2PM when sun is casting shadow behind the car
  • Similar to turn one, fast shutter

Turn 6

  • Best time to shoot is morning, I missed this opportunity again. I had great shot from April, but shooting in morning will have shadow behind car, not on apex. 
  • Pan is a must to have dramatic effect especially when car hits apex. I wish I can have the same shot in april but with shadow behind the car.

Turn 7

  • Depending on which side, should try that shot with BMW out of focus again. It has good composition, but I didn't realize it until I have it cropped.
  • Best time to shoot is in the morning

Cork Screw

  • Best time to shoot is afternoon
  • Very standard portrait shot. I am still experimenting
  • The inner side is accessible, however, it is okay good for motorcycle shot when they lean in. Shooting from that angle on cars does not bring out the corkscrew. I guess that's why people keep shooting there. 

Turn 9

  • Did a bunch of panning here this time. For some reason, silver color catches focus better?
  • Do tighter pan next time.  
  • Try 1/50 sec next time
  • Best time to shoot is afternoon

Turn 12

  • Best time to shoot is morning
  • Need to experiment more. Must shoot this turn on second session next time.