Refreshing Change at Thunderhill


Second day of Chinese New Year, while on my way to Thunderhill, I was listening to an audiobook “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. The author really nailed what I can do to be a better person, achieve greater success.

There are three ways to achieve something: be dependent, independent, or interdependent. Dependent is when you have to rely on another person or things outside of your control to get things done. Independent is when you can find ways to get things done by yourself, which is where I am at. Interdependent is when more than one independent person working together to achieve greater success which an independent person could not achieve by him/herself. This is a mutual benefit relationship. And I already have benefit from changing my behavior the first day I try it.

A Change of Workflow

In the past two events, I have given out free prints at the end of the event. I was very focused on getting the shots, getting out to the track, getting pictures filtered and getting prints out. I didn’t have the time to actually talk to people, build relationships, until this time. I went to talk to Kevin and few other people that I have seen on the track several times already. I’m an introvert, speaking to people was scary but everybody there is nice and easy to talk to. So I make it a point to speak to everyone, by giving out photos individually. At least I can meet the person, put a face to the car that I always see on the track. I don’t remember your name for the first few times, but face to a car is a good start.