Notes from Buttonwillow

I shot at Buttonwillows for two days last weekend. This post will be all about what I learned and what I will do in photography.

This is a large track. On my first day, I ran all over the place trying to explore and look for good compositions on the track. Like all tracks, knowing where the sun rise and set is crucial. Here are my notes:

Shoot in morning: Phil Hills, Sweeper/Mazda Turn, Bust Stop, Sunrise

Shoot in afternoon: cotton corners, Esses (maybe), and sunset.

The Phil Hills is where all aerial shots are taken from on this course. I did plan to make this shot on Sunday. The cars must go clockwise for this to happen. However, it was too dangerous for me to be there. I have a 70-300mm lens. If cars go off and head down hill, that's where I will be standing. If I had a 500mm or 800mm like the Pros, I would be far enough to feel safe and not worry about getting hit. I was there for at least two sessions to wait for a car to go aerial. If you don't want to waste your time, just wait for the fastest group run. Cars in intermediate group will not push hard enough or close enough. A or B group has potential, but for the two sessions I was there waiting (and ready to run for my life), I caught maybe one... maybe... It wasn't clear enough to be conclusive, so I won't bother posting it.