Take what you like!

I will share photos with anyone who likes my photo. Full resolution but for personal use only. If you like my photos so much that you would take the effort to fill out the form, I will gladly send it to you. Full resolution are 20MB per photo, not possible to put it on this website.  

Why free?

Sure I have considered charging money, photography is one of my most expensive hobby! If you saw that I took a great photos of a scenery, of your child, or your car, and you want it, I don't want to deter your genuine excitement for my photos by asking you for money. You are very welcome to donate, it'll help me a lot! But you can still enjoy my photos free. Put it on your wallpaper, screensaver, facebook cover photo, share my work, etc.

I apologize in advance if I have caused any inconvenience for the photographers who's income are depended on paying customers. I am not trying to compete in anyway. I envy professionals who can have fun and work at the same time. Right now, I am still learning how to shoot and have fun.

Blind trust

I share my work with you because I believe you will act in best of my interest. This blind trust works if only honest people take my photos.

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