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SpeedSF Laguna Seca

Weather at this weekend was pretty good. Just a little shower on Sunday, but mostly dry. SpeedSF is awesome as always. I’ve done a lot of experimental/exploration shots on Saturday. It didn’t work out as I hoped, so I apologize for Saturday group, you have one less location.

The good thing is I’ve grouped both Saturday and Sunday photos. If you ran both days, all your photos are in one folder. You may download photos for free because SpeedSF has paid for all of them. If you plan crop it in anyway (like posting on instagram), please give SpeedSF credit for giving this awesome benefit. 

Here are some good shots.

You can get your photos at this link.

The chase cam shots this time has a couple improvements.

1.      Wired shutter release = better response. The tablet has slower reaction. When split seconds matters, I went back to using wired shutter release.

2.      Asking specific people to help with shoot. Thanks to Gary and Lin/Patrick, we talked about getting the cars to follow closer, having two cars side by side, and also switching lead once a while. Just a bit more coordination helps putting pieces together.

There are many back shots of cars, but it’s hard to tag because not many cars have number in the back. If you want back shots at turn 11 exit, be sure to check out the untagged folder. Some people have numbers on back and front, which makes tagging really easy, and you will surely find those photos in your folder if I took it.

Untagged folder for back shots

If you couldn’t find any of your pictures, your car probably didn’t have a number. My assistant and I don’t work on editing in the same room or even at the same time, it has cost us extra editing hours in the past because it interrupts our workflow; which delays everybody else getting their photos.

Moving forward, if your car doesn’t have a number on either side, you won’t get a folder. Email me with a description of your car, and I will look for them after regular posting. If your car doesn’t have numbers in front or back, you may have to look inside the untagged folder for those front and back shots. 

Gary and Lin, all chase cam photos here

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