Photo Shoot Wish List

There are some events I wish to shoot if I get the chance. Please contact me if you or you know someone who can help me get access to these activities/events. Thanks!

1. Stunt Kite - Someone flying a dual line or multi-line kite. Someone who knows how to control kite flying to precise location.
2. Miniature still life of some hand craft work
3. Kendo/Judo - Not sure if photographing is allowed, but I've seen competitions where people have taken photograph. I probably need to know someone who would be willing to teach me the rules.
4. Gundam/Ship Model building - someone who is in the process of building a model of some sort.
5. Astronomy - learn enough about night sky to know what I'm shooting. Would like to shoot with someone know how to use a telescope because I have no clue. 
6. Bonsai - Someone who already has a small collection of bonsai. Would like to shoot the person cutting the miniature tree.
7. Motorcycle track event
8. RC cars 
9. Musical instrument/band playing something

Shoots in planning:

  1. Ink drop in water
  2. Acrylic/Oil paint in water
  3. Snowflake
  4. Exotic Car